Good Shepherd Parish

Welcome to Good Shepherd Parish!

We are a Catholic community dedicated to worship, education, moral values and social justice by prayer, service and sharing through the grace of God, for the salvation of all. We are blessed to be able to offer a parish elementary school, religious education program for school students, and adult education programs.

We invite you to join us for weekend mass, reconciliation, and any of the many opportunities for prayer, service and fellowship at Good Shepherd Parish.

Holy Week Mass Schedule

April 18-21, 2019
Palm Sunday 4 pm Saturday, 8 am & 10 am Sunday Masses
Holy Thursday 6:30 pm Mass
Good Friday 12:30 pm Services
Easter Vigil 7:30 pm Saturday Mass
Easter Sunday 8 am & 10 am Masses


For the few who are not yet aware, I announced after the Masses last weekend that I have been asked by the Bishop and the Personnel Board of the Diocese of Green Bay to take on a new assignment as pastor. This means that I will be concluding my time at Good Shepherd on June 30th of this year and beginning my time as pastor of Corpus Christi Parish in Sturgeon Bay, as well as Holy Name of Mary Parish in Maplewood on July 1st.

Them coming to me with this request was as surprising to me as it was to anyone, but I am more than happy to go where the Lord is leading me, even if it means that I must leave behind a parish community that I have grown to love.

The last 5 years have been an incredible blessing for me, made all the more so because it was a Providential fluke that I wound up in Chilton at all. I only found this out later, but as I was coming to the end of my 2-year stint as Parochial Vicar (a.k.a. the Associate Pastor) of the Quad-Parishes in Green Bay, the plan was to give me another go as Parochial Vicar of St. Peter the Fisherman in Two Rivers. Only a ‘past-the-last-minute’ change of plans, when Father Larry Abler was asked by his superior to take a new assignment himself, was I called upon to come to Chilton. That’s why I call it a Providential fluke. Without that last minute turn of events, you probably would never have met me and I would have never met you, at least as we know each other now.

I thank the Lord for these past 5 years. I thank Him for blessing me in ways I never saw coming. I thank Him for bringing me into relationships here at Good Shepherd that will reverberate through eternity. And I thank Him for the new blessings that lie ahead for both me and you. The new priest coming in, Father John Thorsen, is such a wonderful young priest and you will find him to be one of those new blessings about to enter into your lives. He is going to take you even deeper into the Heart of Christ and make you stronger disciples.

Pray for him. Welcome him. Pray for me, and know I will always be praying for you.

I plan on enjoying and soaking in every moment of these next months with you, and if you ever find yourself in Sturgeon Bay or Maplewood, stop by for a Mass or just a visit. I would love to see you!

Until then, know I remain
with you in Him,
~Fr. Ryan