CACS Celebrates 140th Birthday

Happy 140th Birthday Chilton Area Catholic School!

On September 19, 1879 St. Mary School was formed with an enrollment of 80 students. The first school was torn down and a second school was erected in 1915. An addition to that school was completed in 1957. The school educated students through eighth grade until 1967.

In fall of 1967 the seventh and eighth grades were discontinued, and a consolidation began to take place with six area parish schools. St. Martin School consolidated in 1967 with St. Mary School. St. Charles Borromeo consolidated in 1969. St. Augustine School consolidated in 1969 as well. Holy Trinity consolidated in 1979. St. Elizabeth School had closed prior in 1934. The consolidation was complete in 1979 and St. Mary School was renamed Chilton Catholic School including the six parishes in the Chilton Area Catholic Ministry. In 2003, to better reflect the community served, the name of the school was changed to Chilton Area Catholic School.

In 2003, approval was received from the Bishop and Pastoral Council to rebuild the school. The rebuilding project was broken down into two phases. Phase one consisted of the removal and rebuilding of the 1915 portion and remodeling of the 1957 portion of the school. In November of 2003, phase one was completed, and the school was ready for occupancy. Phase two is still waiting to come to fruition!

In 2005 Chilton Area Catholic School added a half day 4K program to our school followed by an After School Program. In 2007 a half day 3K program was added to our school with Extended Care for early childhood students. In 2010 the Before School Care Program was added. In 2016 grades seven and eight were added back on to the school and 50 years later, in June of 2017, we had another eighth grade graduating class. For the 2016-2017 school year CACS also returned to attending daily mass. This fall, we began the option of full day 4K with seventeen four-year-old students attending the all day program.

Enrollment has fluctuated over the 140 years. CACS has been increasing enrollment. In fact, this year we are starting the 2019-2020 school year with an increase of eleven students and twelve new families.

Chilton Area Catholic School is a leader in the diocese for faith formation and academic excellence. CACS is a testimonial to the commitment by the parishioners and alumni that contribute to carrying out our mission which is to educate the whole person, mind, body and soul following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.

Happy 140th Birthday Chilton Area Catholic School! It is definitely “An Education You Can Have Faith In”!

Liz Rollmann,

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