Jesus & Company 22 Sept 2019

THIS SEEMS TO BE another new way for us to take yet another new approach as we assess our monthly new Youth Masses. We were just given one more opportunity to share some time together as loving friends. Some of us will be coming from a greater distance to share those three words. Saying those words is more difficult to say because of that distance. But the desire to say those words is just as strong as it always was no matter what the distance is. It will always be a hope and a prayer that these opportunities will present themselves at least a few times this year as it has in the past and be ongoing in the future. We love you.

AND WE HOPEFULLY presume that the “growing” feeling will continue to “grow” in “each other” as we move on to another year with “each other.” Do you grasp the plan?….grow with each other. It seems to happen every year. That’s at least our goal and plan for each year. And for all of this to happen we need who?

REMEMBER WHEN WE were made aware of a few events that we will be getting ourselves involved in? Let’s throw a couple of those out to you now. Kinda like bird seed, ok? One of those is the Pork Chop Dinner which will be held on November 9 (more to follow). Then the second event that we have been aware of is the Women’s Conference on Saturday, March 14, 2020. We have plenty of time to plan for this one. But you also know how time sneaks up on you and steps in front of another plan you have laid out. All of a sudden you don’t have enough time or space between these plans you have made. Now we have arrived at the spotted time when we say time to set priorities. Well, you now have two things to add onto your daily calendar. But be prepared to add more!

ISN’T IT STRANGE how a person can get so many likes on their electronics and so few loves on the same device? And yet when someone comes to the Upper Room the word love is heard so often. And yet why should that be strange because after all, isn’t that our goal as a group? Well, maybe one among many.

WHEN YOU COME out of RE you will see an invitation when you look up to the Upper Room. When you see that it’s all of us in the Room saying “hey come on up, we’re Waiting for you.”

JESUS – we will continue to search for different ways to say “I love you and need you.”