Jesus & Company 29 Sep 2019

IT IS NOW TRULY time to send some of our Jesus and Company members over to the school and round up all of those people getting away from us on Wednesday nights and help them find their way over to the Upper Room. We are making this pleas almost every week and now our attempts to get more of you involved in what we do is becoming urgent. We will be attempting to get a few minutes in each eligible group (7th grade through 8th grade) in the RE groups on Wed. night and then have you roam the halls and classrooms over at the high school and middle school to find some of your friends, classmates and whoever to get our JC joint filled up again. Why not give us a break and give us a look some night on your way home from RE. The look-in shouldn’t really cost you a whole lot of time…5 minutes to get upstairs – whatever time you want to look around and talk a few minutes with friends, head down the steps and then home. That’s really not that much of a challenge, is it? Why not stop up and decide for yourself?

THIS IS A GOOD time to walk around the school and school grounds and try to remember what was. There was a thought of grabbing a block or a brick or at least a memory of some kind from our years and years of lives that have passed through the doors of the convent. We could probably spend a lot of time sharing our experiences that have been ours until it has brought us here – to the end of the end of a life. Here is our chance to start a new one.

AND THIS CHANGE may require some items of change that we aren’t ready for just yet or wanted…right now. But if some of these changes take place, it will show us how much we have grown into a true Christian group and have reached our goals or at least drawn closer to them. And you may call it cheating but some of you may notice how we sometimes roll those goals further up the road as we reach for a new high. That’s where the true joy really lies. The longer we live, the greater our opportunity to become better Catholics/Christians. Which in turn makes us better people and friends. Then as we move on we realize this is something we want to go on forever. But we need to remember this is God’s design so we accept what He gives us. Did you notice then how we are constantly in your face so we can have you become a part in all of this. So let’s take a few minutes when we can to help Jesus and Company stay alive, OK?

IT’S THAT TIME again… that time is 43.

JESUS – please lead me on the path to become a part of your Heavenly Home.