Jesus & Company 6 Oct 2019

SHALL WE SPEND some time thinking about where we are trying to get as a group of young people known as Jesus and Company with a home in the Upper Room at Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Chilton? That kind of pins us down as to who and where we are. Now the trick is to go that one step further and be there. We have a message for all to hear. That’s why we gather together on these special nights with others. Once we are there we realize that the goal for all of us is pretty the same which makes it all so much easier and meaningful as we help each other get to where we hope to get with Jesus&.and enjoy each and every step of the way. We could probably talk about this for hours but it really does-n’t go anywhere without all of us so we need to start here with us. So come on, let’s make it work, it will be worth the trip.

HAVE YOU NOTICED that when we ask you to join with us as we join with Jesus, we are almost constantly begging you to come through the door to be one of us? But when you think of it, did you ever hear Jesus beg us in? Isn’t it an invitation that we keep hearing? His love for each of us is so powerful that the mere invitation is enough to bring us together for the journey. We need to realize that the final decision is ours alone and if our love for all others is honest and true, it will be that love which brings us together and keeps us there. Maybe we have been all wrong in our approach in the past. We should be openly showing our love for each other in every way possible which would show our love for Jesus for all to see. Remember, all we need is that open door&.His love will draw us in! Our love for you should draw you into the Upper Room when we show it to you also. That will put all of us into a position to show others what God’s love looks like in the rest of His world.

IF YOU ARE looking for something to do either at home or in the Upper Room there are always the birthday cards. That task seem to be easily ignored by so many. There is a brand new supply of felt tip pens and we can have the cards in your hands before you even ask for them. This is yet another silent service we do among our friends and hopefully do good for doing it. Of course when you see that empty box you might find that hard to believe. We have experienced that when some of you were made aware of a shortage, you would take some of your time to show us how valuable you are to JC. Well folks, this is another one of those times. See you at the end of a pen?

THEN WE CAN wander through our year long calendar and see the many activities we had charted through the year to be busy with Jesus. Those times that we were able to work, play and complete various projects in His name were rewarding, but yet there were a few that never happened and we don’t want that to happen next year too. We want to make every effort to get to the Shrine at Champion, Fire on the Hill as top of the list ventures and we want all of you to be made aware of what we miss by not being there. Just so you know… we are starting that list now and will enjoy seeing your name on it.

JESUS – I keep searching and there you are… right next to me and loving me.