Jesus & Company 13 Oct 2019

DO WE HAVE the desire to design, build and parade a Christmas Float at the Chamber of Commerce Holiday Parade of Lights? It’s going to happen on Saturday, December 7 at 5 pm. We have all the particulars in the Room if we are interested. This event has been happening for a long time but till now we have never been involved so we can spend some time to talk about it while knowing this is a somewhat busy time of our year. So let’s see what we come up with.

THERE ARE ALL kinds of “invitations to do” coming into the Upper Room to help us kick off the coming new year to keep us busy (as if we really need a push to get us started). We should take a minute or two and apologize to ourselves for missing out on a few valued events near the end of 2019. They were on our calendar but for some reason we just noticed how time slipped through our hands and we had to set them aside and hope next year works out much better with better planning and a greater desire to simply just do it. These days have always been full of happiness and reward so we are searching for the why not that happened this year. We are going to take another try at these special days in our life and try to find out why we are saying “no.”

IT’S KIND OF strange because one of these days was seen as a totally fun day at Great America and another was an-other full day with a good friend of ours. Jesus. Actually, we could say it was with many friends – some who have left us and others who are hurting as they may be preparing to leave us if that’s God’s Plan. Just so you know, we aren’t giving up on this one very easily, if at all. So when all these dates are put in place for 2020 let it be known that there will be reminders in your face almost constantly so you won’t have any chance to hide those dates!

DO YOU THINK there will really be snow on our shoes when we come up to the Room in a few months? Well, believe it or not we want to be ready for it. In fact the carpeting needs some help right now due to some recent mud due to a “bit of rain” a few nights ago. We are looking for some rugs to put under the clothes rack in the hallway to take care of all the coats and snow boots we will be seeing on Wednesday nights during a possible snow-covered winter. Don’ mean to scare you away – just planning ahead!

SO HERE WE are searching for a couple of small rugs that will fit under a coat rack that will all fit against one wall in the hallway. That way we keep all of the anticipated dirty shoes and coats in one place while keeping the Upper Room clean – the way it’s supposed to be! And maybe you could find a small table or two that would fit into a couple of empty spots in the Room. Oh, by the way, we finally found a space for our radio and now we can listen to some of our favorite music or whatever else you have in your pocket.

IT’S BACK – this time it’s 412!

JESUS – shall we keep searching for friendsJ.they’re out here somewhere.