Jesus & Company 20 Oct 2019

WOULD THIS BE a good time to talk about the pride we have in what we are doing inside and outside the Upper Room and actually all around our city? Actually there are times and projects that reach beyond our borders. Maybe pride is the wrong word for us. Would we feel more comfortable using something like we are “extremely pleased” by saying we are “exceedingly pleased” by living our lives as God hopes we would. And then be proud to have Him as a role model to accomplish that goal. When we recognize that we can then use pride as how we ex-plain our friendship in God’s world.

NOW WE NEED to ask a couple of questions to you. Were you at home Saturday afternoon to answer your phone? Were you able to answer a saved message? Were you at Mass on Sunday morning? If you were there was it at 10:00? If it was at 10:00 did you recognize it as our monthly Youth Mass? If you knew it was our Youth Mass, did you come forward to become an active part in it? If you can say “yes” to any of these questions, be happy to say “I was extremely pleased” to take part in our Sunday morning together.

NOW WE CAN ignite a couple of stars to make them shine. When you enter the Upper Room you see them sparkle all over the place. And you guys are great in keeping so much of what you do very silent and very secret. For all of that you can also feel “extremely pleased.” You know what you are doing, God knows what you are doing. That’s all we really need — right? Just so you know…that could change just a little and soon.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN paying attention just a bit you might have noticed more stuff showing up on the walls and table around the Room. Don’t worry – there is plenty of work to do yet and you will not be left out. All you have to do is find a box and find an empty spot and fill it. We still need a small table or two that we could slip between some tables. Oh, by the way, we have a lot of really good reading material that could/should show up on those various tables and shelves.

THAT ALSO REMINDS us of our reading folders that we will get ourselves involved in again as we see more bodies coming through the doors after RE sessions. We really hope you can sneak over to spend some time with us either before or after the sessions. We know we have readings we can share with each other as we show our love and care for each other throughout our weeks. All we need is a little time to let it become a part of us.

THERE IS AN EVENT showing up in December and we feel the month already has our full attention. The last thing we want to do is make sure our desire to do so much will take away our ability to do anything properly. But we will talk about it and see how it all fits in. Come to think about it… do you have all those reserved for us at J & C???

WHEN WE MENTION Jesus and Company we will be “looking for you”…when we mention Upper Room we hope to be “talking to you!”

JESUS – where in this world could we find a friend like you?