Jesus & Company 27 Oct 2019

DO YOU THINK it’s possibly time for us to get seriously sincere and honest with ourselves and then with each other take ad-vantage of various opportunities to discuss and promote our on-going and growing love for Jesus. We keep bragging about and promoting Jesus and Company among each other but how far are we reaching out to find the others who have never been invited BY US! Do you ever look around to where you are and who you are with? Do you see others who we don’t see on Wednesday nights in our weekly gatherings? Do you ever ask them what is needed from us to get them there? They need to know that we need them more than they need us. We can see that when we watch them take part in Masses and other church functions. We really need them with us to share our growing in our faith. Who knows how far we can go as we live these lives He has prepared for us?

SO NEXT MONTH as we gather for another Youth Mass on November 17 at 10:00 am (how’s that for a reminder?) why not sneak a glance around church to see if there may be a couple of “I know you” classmates or whatever that may be waiting – or even anxious for that invitation to become a part of our daily..weekly..monthly gatherings – you choose what it’s going to be. The first thing we need to do is get them through the door.

IT’S KIND OF STRANGE that when we ask the magic questions we hear the numbers we are hoping for. And you probably know those numbers because you needed them too for you to join us in the answer. That’s when they learn they fit right into our plans as another part of “Company.” Our goal is to get that word so large it will hopefully grow larger than any and all of us! And that’s the part that scares us a bit. There are so many things we have planned for us throughout our year and we don’t want to lose any of them. In fact, we keep watching for more places and people to serve as we live the lives God has prepared for us. Let’s really surprise Him and work beyond His expectations.

NOW THERE IS a valid reason for us to use another gift from God. We searched the Upper Room and finally found an empty spot for our “music maker.” Well actually, we created one by moving one of our Jesus pictures and it all turned out well… if anyone noticed. You know, slowly but surely we are making progress. By the way, the room is a bit brighter now. There seems to be a lot more daylight coming in during the daytime as we look out toward the school and parking lot. Is there something missing by the playground/parking spots?

ARE WE SEEING A couple of comfort zones that are possibly expanding for some of you? That would be great for more of us wanting to do more with us as Jesus notices that He is seeing more of you in different places. It will be fantastic when you can say to Him “hi it’s me again“ Can you picture you and Jesus on a first name basis… we can! Isn’t that how good and true friends identify with others? When you think of it the Upper Room is a good place to get it all started. And then why stop there.. Keep Him with us all the time.

JESUS – show me your patience while I try to show you my love.