Jesus & Company 3 Nov 2019

WHAT A WEEK! Were you there? Were you an active participant in any of this? Right now we are fully involved in “prayer for many.” This is the result of All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day and the Masses for the many. This is the time when we can turn to our past and remember those who served as role models for us (All Saints) and those who lived lives that we want to remember so we can copy their life histories – yes, they are similar enough for us to be attainable. Actually this will all be within our grasp as we help each other reach that goal. The greatness of all of this is the fact that we don’t need to assign special days for this. Who do you remember as someone who has touched your life and helped you get where you are today? Do we want to limit our time we spend praying for them – both past and present?

THEN WE HAD the crosses in front of church that were put in storage for another year, and hopefully forever. But just in case they are needed again we will need to check them over for any repairs that may be needed.

NOW LET’S REACH out a little further into November. You have said that you wished to be more involved in Jesus and Company – OK, here you go. You will be needed by many on Saturday, November 9 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm for the Annual Pork Chop Dinner. You will be able to spend time helping others in need who could use your help with crutches, walkers, wheel chairs, etc. as they pass through the food line. Or you could assist in delivering orders or resetting the tables which will keep those food lines moving. Do you still have your “Alumni” or “Jesus and Company” T-shirt to wear so you can show everyone why you are there? You can be walking proof that you want to silently serve all of those around you. When we are finished here we can look around to discover what else is out there that can keep us feeling good.

YOU SHOULD HAVE been there. On a recent RE night we were surprised and overwhelmed when two groups showed up in the Upper Room to take another look at us to see what we have for them that will keep bringing them back. We tried to touch on several of our “happy moments happiness.” The group was exposed to our basic projects that literally pay for our year as we live it – those being our Christmas Bake Sale and our Easter Season basket-Filler Sale. Wow, how is that for a title! There seemed to be a bit of interest in the faces of those in the Room. This was an ideal time for us to add a new segment in our evenings. One of our “seasoned seniors” took on the challenge and read one or two paragraphs of one of our recent news bits that are in our allotted space in the weekly bulletin. From the attention our comments received we are truly hopeful for increased activity in the Room because of increase numbers showing up in that same Room.

JESUS – How are we doing? When is the last time we asked for your help? Well, we’re asking again.