Jesus & Company 10 Nov 2019

THE ROOM looks a bit more in order because of the two old guys. They finally decided to get busy a little bit. They declared war on several of the boxes that had been stored in the closets. So now we are about four boxes less and the Room looks less cluttered…with still more to go. So there is plenty to do for all of us if we have any evidence of ambition. Nearly all the boxes that were stacked on the floor have been put away in their new home…the closets, and the recycle bin! A lot of the reading material was a bit outdated – if you want to call 25 yrs outdated. But we are moving on and finding some new reading stuff to help fill the time you are planning to spend with us on those Wednesdays that you will choose to be with us. We can also sort out some prayer time readings if there are any volunteers who will step up and be a vocal part of our evening.

OUR TARGET date was missed by a couple of weeks but our bathroom tissue did become a part of our year again. But even with the delay, we were able to come up with a more reliable schedule for the particular project that we want to keep alive on our yearly “do calendar.” So now we have steady numbers on the amount of the product, the amount of cost, and even down to the cost of the singular product. We don’t really need to break it down that far because all we need to know about the product is the numbers involved (cost and amount in $). We now have this one locked in with all the information we need each year so this one can also go on forever.

THE MOST recent issue of The Good News (a publication from the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help) had a list of desired items in this edition. We could possibly offer support toward several of these requests if we feel the urge. Maybe for some of the larger items we could enter into a joint venture with another contribution group. It certainly deserves some conversation as we gather to find different ways to love each other. As a group this could be our opportunity to offer support to the Shrine for all we have gained from our past visits – and hope for future journeys to help our faith grow within ourselves and each other. So we cut the list out of the newsletter and put in our “Tu-Du” file, OK?

LET’S WELCOME our latest group of friends of Jesus to a new level of their faith in Confirmation. Now you have an even greater and larger number of friends of God as you all join together to show the world how strong that love really is. Here is our chance to show all of those around us how God is alive and thriving in our individual worlds. Let’s do it together, it could be exciting and fulfilling. And then think – who in our world is more deserving of our love?

IT WAS HOPED that we could get a handful (or maybe a few more) of the bricks from our former home. We are now looking out our windows and seeing what was. Now what we are seeing out there are miles and miles of heart-held memories – hang on to them, they are ours to keep – thank you God.

JESUS – let’s go for a walk, you lead the way?