Jesus & Company 17 Nov 2019

HAVE YOU NOTICED certain words that hardly ever show up on these pages? Avoiding words or phrases such as me, my, I – you know, all these that draw attention to us. Well, those are words that don’t really describe the ultimate goals of Jesus and Company because we are attempting to reach those with other words such as we, us, they… you got it. Anything that describes our actions and words, yeah any positive actions will hopefully have our name on them, together. We want to do it all as a family…a very LARGE family. That message will be delivered as long as God has planned for us to be His silent servants. Why don’t you get out there soon and find someone who wants to have what you have – Satisfaction for serving silently. Let’s face it, there may be some days in our future when that very action will cause you to be laughed at. Remind ourselves that we have reached one of our goals and thank God for allowing us to be a part of His world.

WERE YOU A part of our recent population explosion? It’s kinda nice to arrive in the Room and find it rearranged to fit someone else’s style and desires. You are getting the message…if you don’t like it change it! The three cushy chairs in the middle of the Room and shaped in such an eye-catching semi-circle was certainly a nice touch. Do you wanna bet it’s going to be changed again next week one more time.

AS LONG AS WE are talking about the Room and its furnishings, has anyone found a small table yet? It’s a little late to find them out on the curb for junk pickup so we may have to keep our ears in tune to hear if someone who has one (or two) that they are trying to get rid of. Right now we have a well-supplied Youth Room but we still have space for a small table that could hold our radio so we could have ongoing sound and music again. We have plenty of chairs and larger tables and there is always plenty of floor to sit on!

HAVE YOU SEEN all that white (beautiful?) stuff on the ground lately? It looks like we have come to the time of our year when we will be bringing a lot of this into the building. We should now want to find a place for a couple of rugs to set our boots on when necessary. We can stamp the snow off outside and be relatively clean by the time we get into the building – deal? By the way, we are still hunting for a used but still usable vacuum cleaner that we can stash in the Room for use when needed. This new home for us is going to require a bit of work to keep it neat and presentable. That’s the least we can do to make up for this beautiful space that has been given to us and should be our duty and desire to care for. Let’s show those who invested in us they will not be disappointed in how we are doing in caring for this special gift and display of love.

THIS IS US – let’s show them what “us” does.

JESUS – help me take that one step and reach out to someone today.