Jesus & Company 24 Nov 2019

ONE OF OUR newer in-room activities almost came to life a couple of weeks ago. We got to the point of putting the plan in motion but someone else in the Room caught on to what was about to happen and started the wheels in motion and we actually didn’t have to go any further. But we will keep watching for more opportunities to do this one. It actually covers most phases of showing who we are and what we are doing. If this should come to life some night you will understand what this little plan of ours is trying to accomplish. Trust us… this one will make all of us feel good. You notice how nothing has been explained again? Yup, another secret until it happens!

DID YOU HEAR any noise around the cash cans lately? Silence has been the theme with them lately and that’s not a happy sound. To our loyal contributors we need to say “thank you” and to others we say “please.” It seems we beg for your help quite frequently but yet when it comes to this one we will beg daily if needed. That would be for one of them at least and when you look at both cans you will know which one deserves our immediate attention. We can easily fill ourselves if we are really hungry by filling our pockets with goodies to share with others when we come to the Room. WHEN IT Comes to the St.Jude’s “vault”, that one is entirely up to you as to how deeply you want to be involved. It just seems logical for us to react to this special plea. If someone asked you if you want to help save a life what would your answer be? As has been said time and time again… this one will never end until our last dime is gone. All of you are really a part of this and a reminder that your help is needed seems to be all we need. Then we step back and watch as you respond with your caring, giving and love. Jesus is watching and He is happy and proud (and so are we).

WHAT REALLY makes us happy is to watch the crowd as it is now filling the Room more and more each week (as we were told). Then we heard that group prayer is again being suggested by some of our take charge friends. It’s kinda what we say… you arrive in 7th grade (not all of you) ready to play games, eat candy and just plain fool around. But when you decide to stay with us you begin to realize there is more to Jesus and Company than that and before you know it you are finding yourself getting involved in our variety of those activities that make us feel like we are truly doing things that make both us and Jesus feel good. And then it grows and grows to the point where we find ourselves handing out prayer cards and talking to Jesus as His friends and friends to each other.

JESUS – there must be more I can do for you, will you guide me?