Jesus & Company 15 Dec 2019

OUR FISHING TRIP still goes on. We think we have a few of our corks bobbing in the water. In fact, one of those corks went a few weeks ago. He is now ours and we know there are more to be caught. We know that because God has given us the right bait…us. You have been told we are in the right spot to hook at least a few more right now. So we don’t have to move to a new location or switch our bait. When Jesus sees all of you working He will help us reel in as many as we can because this special species has no numbers limit. Would you believe it there are those out there that are just swimming around or just drifting with no direction. They are out there, waiting and even wanting to be reeled in by one of us. And they don’t even care who reels them in…so why don’t you honor their wish and throw them your bait and hook. You won’t have to measure them, they are all keepers! If you haven’t guessed it by now we are talking about possible new members.

HAVE YOU COME up with a time and day that would work for you to spend some private time with Jesus? Just the two of you, alone with each other, taking turns listening and talking. He would wait for us forever if it were needed. Each of us has witnessed how patient He is and how near He is to us when we hear the words, “welcome, thanks for taking me into your life, I love you.” Those may not be the actual words so why not stop in to the chapel and hear what He is truly saying to you. It’s a message you don’t want to miss!

THERE WAS A nice gathering of adults at the Thanksgiving Mass. We want to believe there would have been a lot more us’es there if your lives wouldn’t be torn in so many directions at the same time. It’s always nice to be able to slip away when we can, accept the strength and love He gives us, no matter where we are. This has been shown to us so many times in the past, such as in Religious Ed. And here at JC. We need to take the time to study what we have, what we want, what we need. Put each one in their separate you can offer thanks after being honest with your responses. Well, should we find a corner somewhere and do just that?

ARE THE COOKIES and stuff going to have the frosting and what-ever; dried and ready to eat by Dec. 21, 22? Also, are you going to be with us before and after the Masses to help the hoped for crowds choose what looks like something they really want. What they will see on those tables will be the best and most tasty creations in town. If some have other creations other than cookies they shouldn’t think for a minute that something would not be accept-able, even the crumbs off the floor! We have learned over all our years that we have the most Creative Cookie Creators in Captivity in the City of Chilton and Calumet County. Do you “C” that too?

OUR UPPER Room has a new door and if you have read this be-fore it’s worth repeating. This new door invites our college crowd in any time any age or any whatever. As long as they still feel comfortable with us. This idea came to us after we realized our gradu-ated friends went on to their new worlds and might come back to us with the same feelings they had when they came to the Upper Room the very first time. So college kids and whoever else – if you feel an urge to share the Room again, come on up, the door is open.

HAVE YOU been ringing any bells lately???

JESUS – I’m searching for our Father. Would you be my guide?