Hearing Loop Available!

Did you know that Good Shepherd Parish has a hearing loop? A hearing loop helps persons who use hearing aids that are equipped with T-coils hear sounds from a PA system directly and clearly in the hearing aids, because it reduces or cuts out background noise. When a hearing aid user selects the ‘T’ setting; he or she can pick up the sounds spoken into the PA system’s micro-phone instead of the hearing aid’s internal microphone. This results in improved speech understanding because the listener receives a clear signal without any background noise. Most behind the ear hearing aids, and all but the smallest of custom in-the-ear instruments, can be equipped with a T-coil. Some-times this T-coil is installed inside your instrument but not activated. Another option is the Mic plus T-coil setting or MT. This setting lets you hear a combination of sound all around you and the hearing loop. Ask your audiologist or your hearing instrument specialist if you have a T-coil and if it is activated. If your hearing aid does not have a “T” coil, we do have portable loop receivers with headphones available for you to use. Just ask an usher and they will be happy to supply one for you. These portable receivers can also be used by those who have hearing issues but do not have hearing aids. If you have any other questions on the hearing loop, please feel free to call the parish office at 920-849-9363.

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