Parish Mission Planning Update

From Father Jon…

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for the Parish Mission Planning Team. The weekly intercessions have been a source of inspiration and guidance to the whole team. Since the November meeting, we have spent time individually praying and reflecting on what we have learned, and in discerning where the Holy Spirit is leading our Parish.

We began our January meeting with prayer and quiet reflection in front of the Blessed Sacrament in order to open our minds, and hearts, to a Spiritual Mindset. We followed this with a lengthy and honest discussion about changes that could help our Parish fulfill its mission. In the upcoming meetings the committee is tasked with writing goals and action plans that can be accomplished in one to three years.

Two terms that have come up over and over again in our discussions are Discipleship and Evangelization. These words get used a lot, but sometimes we are not sure of the exact meaning and implication of what we are trying to say. I found two very good videos that clearly explain what they mean. The links are listed below. They are truly worth spending some time with.

Dr. Scott Hahn: What is New Evangelization?

Fr. Mark Toups: What is a Missionary Disciple? “The 9”

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