Coronavirus Response

In response to the COVID-19 emergency,


Church is OPEN 7 am - 8 pm daily for prayer, closed 5-6 pm Saturday & 9:30-10:30 am Sunday.

Updated 5/22/20

COVID-19 Resources:

U.S. Centers for Disease Control
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Calumet County Health Department:

Communion Service Starting May 31, 2020

Distribution of Holy Communion Outside of Mass will be offered at 10:30 am on Sundays beginning May 31, 2020. Please visit our Mass Times page for details before attending.

Remote Mass Opportunities:

Good Shepherd live streamed and recorded Masses are available to watch on the Parish YouTube Channel:

Act of Spiritual Communion (PDF)

Good Shepherd Parish recorded Masses:
Visit our YouTube page:

Live Masses (broadcast or streamed):
Sunday 10:30 am: Mass with Bishop Ricken, broadcast on CBS Channel 5 WFRV.
Sunday 5:30 am: Mass is broadcast on ABC Channel 2 WBAY.
Sunday 8 am: Mass is broadcast on Channel CW14.
Sunday 9 am: Mass broadcast on Relevant Radio Station 1050 AM.
Mon-Fri 12 pm: Daily Mass livestreamed on Relevant Radio's website. You can access the Mass using the Relevant Radio app, or at

Spiritual Opportunities:

Confessions - drive through only at the trailer in the church parking lot.
Thursdays 7-8 pm, Saturdays 3-4 pm

Prayer in church before our Eucharistic Lord in the Tabernacle.
Open daily 7 am - 8 pm. Please observe social distancing. Closed 5-6 pm Saturdays for Mass recording*
*If you are interested in participating during these liturgies as a lector, cantor or server, please contact Michelle Blatz at the Parish Office, 920-849-9363. You do not need to have previous
experience in these ministries, we will train you as needed.

Act of Spiritual Communion (PDF)

Prayer from Pope Francis during the Coronavirus outbreak (PDF)

Plenary Indulgence (PDF)

Novena to the Holy Spirit 5/22/20 (PDF)

Other Opportunities:

Volunteer Opportunity: Some in our community may already find it difficult to get out to get groceries or prepare a hot meal. Some may be experiencing financial difficulties. Would you be willing to help these people by picking up groceries curb side and delivering them to a person's door step? We have a system in place that will avoid contact so as to abide by social distancing protocols. Please call the parish office if you are interested in helping or have questions: 920-849-9363.

DO YOU NEED HELP? During this time of pandemic we know many are experiencing financial hardship or could be soon. Know that Good Shepherd Parish, in cooperation with St. Vincent de Paul, is here to help! Need help getting groceries? We can help! Please reach out to us if we can help you with picking up necessities or delivering a hot meal: 920-849-9363.

COVID-19 Dated Communications


Daily & Weekend Mass: All public Masses are suspended until further notice. Church is OPEN for prayer 7 am - 8 pm daily. If you or a member of your household is sick, please stay home.

Adoration Chapel: Closed 3/19/20 until further notice.

Chilton Area Catholic School: Classes cancelled 3/17/20 until further notice. *This is mandated for the entire State of Wisconsin.

Religious Education: Classes cancelled 3/18/20 until further notice.

Jesus & Company: Gatherings cancelled 3/17/20 until further notice.

Thursday night Bible Study (2/2/20-4/2/20): Remaining dates cancelled.

Parish Reconciliation Service 3/18/20: Cancelled.

CACS Fish Fry 3/20/20: Cancelled.

Soup & Salad Social: Replaced with Curb Side Soup to Go Sale 5/23/20

Stations of the Cross: ALL Remaining dates cancelled.

Temporary Changes for Sacraments & Other Church Functions:

Funerals can still be held, but attendees must be fewer than 10 people. Friends and family members can be included, but social distancing should be strictly adhered to for attendees not living in the same household. Keep in mind each funeral home will have its own response to the Safer at Home order from Governor Evers. You may elect, if the funeral home allows, to postpone the funeral until gathering restrictions are lifted. You may also choose a grave side Committal and then have a memorial Mass (Essentially a funeral Mass without the deceased’s remains) at a later date.

Baptisms: We will baptize your child, but only the immediate family’s household (I.e., those living under the same roof) and godparents may be present, and must number fewer than 10 people.

Eucharist: For grave reasons only, Holy Communion may be administered individually to the faithful who ask for it at an opportune time. Viaticum (Eucharist for those in danger of imminent death) is always to be administered wherever possible. This restriction is two-fold: 1. to prevent the transmission of disease through the physical distribution of the Eucharist. 2. to prevent the separation of the Eucharist from the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Anointing of the Sick may be celebrated with the sick individually, with the immediate family, or with caregivers present, not to exceed the State restriction of 10 people total. Every precaution should be undertaken to prevent the spread of disease.

Confirmations are to be postponed until further notice.

Parish Office Hours: Good Shepherd will maintain standard operating hours (8 am-4:30 pm Monday-Thursday, 8 am - 12 pm Friday). Please feel free to call for questions or concerns: 920-849-9363. For the health and safety of everyone, please handle any business related to the Parish via phone or e-mail, if at all possible.

Mass intentions will continue to be offered at privately celebrated Masses. Please call the Parish office to request a Mass intention: 920-849-9363.

Church will be open for prayer before our Eucharistic Lord in the Tabernacle 7:00 am to 8:00 pm daily.

Bulletins will continue to be printed and available at church entrances for pick up as well as online. The link for online bulletins in on our Homilies & Bulletins page.

Parish Finances: We realize this may be a difficult time financially for some. If your means allow, we would greatly appreciate your continued support of our Parish. You can mail Parish contribution envelopes or them off at the office drop box. If you would like to sign up for direct withdrawal via electronic funds transfer, please call the Parish office: 920-849-9363.