Prayer Ministries

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Participants knit or crochet prayer shawls and present them to the survivor of a recently deceased person within a week or two of the burial. The person knitting the shawl prays as she/he makes the shawl for the person who will ultimately receive it. Two members from our bereavement ministry visit the bereft and present the shawl with a prayer booklet and a booklet with meditations for bereaved people that covers 60 days… all to help the healing process. We do not record who makes the shawls, and there are no meetings. A booklet of patterns, prayers and information is provided, and materials are donated by the makers.

Contact: Eileen Isajiw, 418-5046

Lead the Rosary Before Mass

Volunteers are needed to lead the Rosary before each weekend Mass.

Contact: Angeline Heiberger, 418-5077

Chapel of Divine Mercy

Spend a little quiet time with Jesus in the Good Shepherd Chapel of Divine Mercy (Perpetual Adoration), located at the back of the Parish Office building. It is always open and everyone is welcome to come at any time. Volunteers are needed to fill one hour slots weekly or in a rotation, and to serve as substitutes. For safety reasons, a security code is required for entry - please contact the Parish Office during normal open hours to obtain the code: 849-9363.

Contact: Kathy Schneider, 849-9266

Legion of Mary

The Legion of Mary is an association of Catholics devoted to the Blessed Mother who meet each Tuesday at 2:00 pm in Parish Office conference room to pray and discuss services such as visiting the home bound and those in hospitals and nursing homes.

Shirley Roehrig, 849-2659
Susan Brown, 450-5241
Therese Gross, 849-2987